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As Managing Director of implantcast GmbH I would also like to extend my own warmest welcome to you.
On the following pages you have the opportunity to find out more about our company and our philosophy.

In 1988 we started a company called „implantcast Feinguss GmbH“ – which we simplified to „implantcast GmbH“in 2001. To begin with we focussed mainly on the development and marketing of the MUTARS® system. Today this is the leading tumour endoprosthetic system in the European market. When we started out as an OEM partner of several well-known orthopaedic companies implantcast originally operated behind the scenes to a large extent but over the years implantcast products became increasingly popular so we started selling direct to hospitals.

Today, implantcast GmbH is a highly–specialised and innovative medical technology company. We are based in Buxtehude near Hamburg, Germany and have more than 700 employees. The company operates in the fields of product development, manufacturing, sterile packaging as well as sales and distribution of primary, revision and tumour endoprostheses. At implantcast we provide high-quality, dynamic technologies to the orthopaedic surgeon and patients to offer an ideal solution for each individual patient worldwide.

Our head office in Buxtehude has expanded greatly in recent years and further expansion is planned there so that we can continue to manufacture on site and continue to grow as a company. The recent establishment of a logistics centre allows us to export our products to more than 80 countries worldwide. At implantcast we rely heavily on our highly motivated team and we plan to keep our manufacturing based in Germany - rather than move this function to low-wage economies as we do not consider this as a valid option for us. The growth we have experienced in recent years confirms this conviction.


Jens Saß

Managing Director and CEO