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Custom made MUTARS® femoral diaphyseal implant

Case information

Year of Birth   2011
Date of Surge 2022
Country Germany
Indikatition                 Ewing Sarkom on the diaphysis of the right femur                                                                                   




10-year-old patient with Ewing Sarcoma in the right diaphyseal femur. A proximal resection should be planned just below the epiphyseal plate at the greater trochanter to preserve it as much as possible.

Planned Resection:

Planned Prosthesis System

A prosthesis system with a custom made proximal and distal component in combination with the MUTARS® Arthrodesis Implant was planned, which, in contrast to the classic MUTARS® connecting part for diaphyseal implant, simulates the curvature of the femur. The proximal component has a bulge with a hole for fixation of the M. iliopsoas tendon, as well as a drilling hole for fixation of the greater trochanter. For the distal femur, a custom made hollow stem with an oval design was planned due to the large resection.

Implant Position

Resection and Preparation

For the resection of the proximal femur, a patient specific resection guide was made. Drill guides for the proximal and distal femur and a trial implant were also provided.

Postoperative Result

The surgeon was happy with the results. The postoperative X-rays show the proximal (left) and distal (right) components, as well as the MUTARS® Arthrodesis Implant (center).

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