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BLU-IGS Navigation

Based on surgeons’ experience and requirements BLU-IGS platform is the CAS system designed by Orthokey. BLU-IGS integrates anatomical data, surgical workflows and biomechanical models in order to support the surgeon during surgery. It features and ergonomic and effective user interface, designed to adapt to surgeon’s needing. BLU-IGS provides report useful for risk management procedures and medical-legal documentation. The Software of BLU-IGS platform includes the main procedures for lower-limb surgery. All procedures can be adapted to the surgeon’s workflow and needs, in order to optimize the efficiency and minimize the impact to their daily routine.


Personalized Surgical Workflow
We support your workflow

Intuitive handling
Reduced learning curve

Reduced Complexity
No CT-Scan needed

MONET-UKA software dedicated to uni compartmental knee implants.


Our approach allow to optimize tibial bone preservation and knee stability during range of motion. With few and simple steps, guides the surgeon to find the best patient specific implant positioning.

Main key features of MONET:  
• Accurate planning based on pre-operative limb deformation and gap balance.
• Precise slope determination and bone preserving
• Optimized software interface
• Suitable for minimal invasive approach
• Optimized surgical tool compatible with all conventional surgical instruments
• Possibility to evaluate knee kinematics and stability with the KLEE module

MIRÒ–TKA software dedicated to total knee arthroplasty.


Correct limb alignment and ligament balancing are the key factor for a successful TKA. MIRÒ–TKA enhanced surgeon confidence during all steps of the procedure, giving the fundamental tools to determine the best surgical approach. This is achieved with a reduced set of surgical instruments and a fast anatomical registration.

Main key features of MIRÒ:
• Implant positioning based on limb alignment and ligament balancing
• Optimized software interface
• Personalized workflow
• Optimized surgical tool compatible with all conventional surgical instruments
• No pre opeative images required
• Suitable for al implant designs
• Possibility to evaluate knee kinematics and stability with the KLEE module

KLEE – kinematic evaluation is the navigation software for evaluation of the intraoperative kinematics of the knee.


Success of a surgical procedure is strictly related to the quality of life of the patient and his articular stability. KLEE – kinematic evaluation provides a precise and efficient way to monitor and record kinematic values related to the final results of your surgery. Our software is fundamental also for research thanks to its flexibility.

Main key features of KLEE:
• Possibility to configure data acquisition according to the defined protocol
• Real time display of the executed test
• Pre-op and post-op data comparison on real time
• Automatic log file storage in txt format, with all acquired data
• Simple and intuitive interface
• kinematics and stability with the KLEE module

HOPPER-THA navigation software for hip implants.


An accurate positioning of acetabular cup and the preservation of leg length and offset are the keys to restore a good articular function and a long implant survivorship. HOPPER-THA, with four independent modules, satisfies all surgical needing with no time waste and improved accuracy.

Main key features of HOPPER:
• Accurate cup position and orientation
• Virtual planning of offset and length variation for each implant combination without the use of invasive navigated tools
• Pinless intraoperative evaluation of offset and length variation
• Pinless femoral component simulation

RHO-RTKA navigation software for revision total knee arthroplasty. 


The main features of the procedure are the accurate ligament balance and correct limb alignment and joint line restoration. Bone quality and soft tissue laxity may introduce several complications during surgery. RHO-RTKA supports the surgeon in the identification of the most appropriate surgical strategy and provides a precise guide throughout the procedure.

Main key features of RHO:
• Anatomical landmark acquisition after failed TKA removal
• Joint line restoration based on data redundancy and anatomical model database
• Optimal planning of component sizes and models
• Component positioning real time guidance
• Final evaluation of limb alignment and range of motion

About Orthokey

Orthokey is a young company founded in 2005 but people working in it have 20 years of experience in Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery.

Real progress comes when technology is used in clinical daily practice. In the design phases of their solutions, Orthokey follows three simple but fundamental goals: their systems has to be fast, simple and accurate. This ensures hi level solutions with short learning curves and surgeons’ satisfaction.

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