Planning platform for custom-made devices


Online Planning Platform

patient specific implants and instruments

→ fast and easy data upload via drag&drop

→ timeline with status bar and planned surgery date

→ direct communication with the engineer through integrated chat function

→ 3D visualisation incl. fit of the implant in the bone

→ online confirmation of the planning

→ integrated calendar          easy overview of your case schedule

→ automatic notifications for changes / updates

→ continuous access to old case data via the case archive

→ consult fellow colleagues - grant them access to certain cases

tumor cases: draw the desired resection lines of the tumor by yourself using the "tumor drawing tool"

Please don't hesitate to download our informative brochures in the download area individual prosthetics and have a look at numerous examples of custom-made implants.

Requests & contact

Would you like to submit a request for an individual implant?
Please register here https://icaps.implantcast.com or click here Image Upload.

An employee will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Alternatively you can submit the filled out request form for custom-made devices together with the CT/MRI data and scaled x-rays to cfit3d@implantcast.de via email.

Do you have any questions?
Please contact one of our experienced engineers of the      C-Fit 3D®-Teams via email to cfit3d@implantcast.de

This area is intended for medical professionals only and may only be provided to certain professional personnel.