Loan Sets

Get informed about our loan set service.

Our loan set service offers you the option to order implants and instruments for scheduled surgeries which we deliver and collect according to an agreed timeline.

In safe hands

If you need a custom made prosthesis or a prosthesis for a patient with a metal allergy then you are in safe hands. The same is true if you would like to try one of our more standard implant systems.

Contact our headquarter in Buxtehude.
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Optimal support

Simply contact your local sales representative to discuss what training (including workshops) you may need and what pre-operative planning you require. Our sales team will be happy to help coordinate the loan kit logistics as well as support you during surgery if you wish.
If you want to make a request for a custom made implant or for a surgical planning, please refer to our C-Fit 3D® department.

With fast and uncomplicated service...

With implantcast’s fast and uncomplicated service we can ship a loan set anywhere inside the European Union* within one working day. The loan set will contain the instruments and implants that you have specified and will have been carefully checked before it is shipped. It will be delivered to your hospital in robust plastic containers and the sanitised instruments will be clearly arranged in instrument containers. Additionally, all of the documentation that you will need (surgical techniques, decontamination certificates as well as assembling and cleaning instructions - including those for single instruments) will also be sent as standard.

*In case of non-usage of implants we reserve the right to charge the hospital the actual transport costs. Should you request / require express shipment we also reserve the right to pass on the higher cost of this service to the customer.

This area is intended for medical professionals only and may only be provided to certain professional personnel.