implantcast 3D Explorer

interactive surgical techniques, more than just animation!

implantcast 3D Explorer

3D software for interactive surgical techniques in endoprosthetics

Staff shortages and time constraints often pose significant challenges for doctors and operating room personnel. Additionally, the variety of manufacturers and implants, which often differ only minimally from each other, further complicates the situation.

For this reason, implantcast has set a goal to make their surgical instructions as understandable and practical as possible. The specially developed implantcast 3D Explorer contains a variety of 3D surgical techniques that go beyond the information provided by conventional surgical techniques and impress with their level of detail accuracy. As a result, complex content is conveyed in a clear, efficient, and sustainable manner.

Experience surgical techniques in a new way

Step by step in an interactive 3D environment.

The implantcast 3D Explorer not only provides information about the original surgical technique but also allows active interaction with the displayed animation. Different surgical pathways can be chosen, and while the animation is running, users can navigate within the 3D space and manipulate all structures and instruments as desired. This creates an interactive user experience that allows customization of the information according to individual preferences and requirements. The implantcast 3D Explorer enables personalization and flexible utilization.


Thanks to our high-resolution graphics and detailed animations, you will gain a realistic insight into the anatomy and procedures during an operation. Every instrument, assembly, and maneuver are presented precisely and detailed.


With our interactive platform, you have full control over the visualizations. You can change the viewing angle, use zoom functions, and explore each step of the procedure at your own pace. This allows for a better understanding of the surgical technique and enables the customization of information according to individual needs.


Explore individually and customize the views with numerous features to meet your needs. Our platform allows you to consider your own learning preferences and tailor the learning process to your individual requirements. You can focus on the surgical techniques or specific steps that are relevant to your field of expertise or personal interests.


Our library encompasses a wide range of our surgical techniques. From primary to revision procedures, from the ankle to the shoulder, you can explore instruments, implants, and anatomy.


You can access the visualizations anytime and anywhere, whether it's from your desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. This allows you to expand your knowledge of our surgical techniques whenever it's most convenient for you.

From primary to tumor endoprosthetics

3D software for interactive surgical techniques in endoprosthetics

The implantcast 3D Explorer builds upon the already available surgical techniques in the conventional format. Additionally, the assembly and disassembly of instruments are depicted in great detail. Step by step, all alignments and settings of the instruments are presented in the 3D format.


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How do I get access to the Implantast 3D Explorer?

Click here to register and obtain access to the implantcast 3D Explorer. Alternatively, you can also ask your sales representative for access to the implantcast 3D Explorer.

How can I activate my license for implantcast 3D Explorer?

Using an activation link: Open your activation link using your browser. Your license will be automatically activated upon the first opening.

Using a license key: Open in your browser. On the welcome screen, select "License Manager." Enter your license key. Click on [+] afterwards.

Alternatively, you can access the License Manager by clicking on the key icon in the top right corner of the title bar.

How do I operate the implantcast 3D Explorer?

Learn all the functions quickly and easily by utilizing the integrated guide and the comprehensive introductory video.

What surgical techniques can I find in the implantcast 3D Explorer?

The implantcast 3D Explorer includes almost all surgical techniques offered by implantcast. From ACS® to Agilon® and EcoFit® to MUTARS®, almost all implants are depicted. For detailed information, you can open the demo version of the implantcast 3D Explorer.

Are only surgical techniques represented in the implantcast 3D Explorer?

No, it does not only include surgical techniques. You can also access a highly detailed and comprehensive anatomical model of the musculoskeletal system. Additionally, you will find standardized approaches for specific joints.

Is the implantcast 3D Explorer intended to replace in-person training sessions?

No, the implantcast 3D Explorer is by no means intended to replace in-person training sessions. It is designed to complement these sessions and provide convenient access to content in day-to-day practice. Traditional surgical techniques will still be preserved and not replaced by the program.

What requirements must be met to use it?

The following requirements must be met to use it:

  • You need a modern browser (preferably Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome).
  • For iPads, iPadOS version 13.2 or later is required.
  • The software is optimized for larger screens, so your screen should be at least 10 inches in size.
  • To fully utilize all functions, we recommend using a mouse and keyboard. However, most touch devices also work without issues.
  • A powerful graphics card is necessary for high-quality display. Most modern computers and tablets meet this criterion. To check if your device meets the system requirements, simply open the demo.
In which languages is the implantcast 3D Explorer available?

Both the user interface and the 3D content are available in both German and English. Additionally, anatomical structures can be displayed in Latin.



This area is intended for medical professionals only and may only be provided to certain professional personnel.