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Why should you choose implantcast?

More than a decade after the international banking crisis in 2008, the coronavirus has provided another reminder of how vulnerable the global production system really is. Like the bottleneck of protective masks at the beginning of the pandemic, in 2021 we also saw how problematic broad global supply chains can be for Germany's corona vaccine supply. Recently the running aground of the Ever Given container ship and the blocking of the Suez Canal made it painfully clear how fragile the world economy is and how important it is to become independent of global catastrophes.

implantcast GmbH consistently focuses on keeping its supply chains as short as possible. All implants are manufactured at its production site in Buxtehude, Germany. All instruments are created in cooperation with suppliers from the EU and wider Europe. In the past year, the amount of non-European suppliers was reduced even further, and now amounts to only 7.7% of all suppliers (compared to 9% in 2019). implantcast GmbH procures 92.3% of its instruments, raw materials, supplies and services from partners in Germany (77.1%) and Europe (15.2%), and is endeavoring to further shorten its supply chains and value creation chains in order to make them more robust and to reduce vulnerability to global crises.

Short supply chains have other positive economic and ecological aspects. Short transport routes reduce transport costs and result in a significant reduction of CO2 emissions, which relieves the burden on the environment. By 2030 implantcast GmbH expects to be CO2-neutral. implantcast products, which are manufactured in Germany, reach hospitals without having been transported halfway across the globe. For more than 30 years implantcast GmbH has been based in Buxtehude. As one of the few German manufacturers of joint replacements, it pays all of its taxes in Germany and, in addition to the employees working at implantcast, it safeguards additional jobs at German and European partner companies.

implantcast currently employs more than 600 people at its Buxtehude location and educates up to 20 trainees in production and management every year.

The use of renewable energies not only reduces the CO2 footprint but also secures long-term energy cost savings. implantcast is gradually converting the company's vehicle fleet to e-mobility and hybrid drives. The switch to green electricity and the construction of wind power stations on the company’s own premises are concrete projects that implantcast GmbH is using to take further steps toward decarbonization.

Sustainability is a commonly used term that describes more than just the recovery and conservation of resources. For years, implantcast GmbH has been establishing innovative manufacturing technologies with the goal of optimizing the use of energy and resources as well as increasing efficiency. For some time now implantcast has been using grass-based cardboard to ship implants to hospitals. Currently the company is working to reduce the use of plastics in its implant packaging.

Shortly after the emergence of the pandemic in March 2020, implantcast adapted to the new circumstances. In addition to hygiene concepts, the company implemented work organizational projects, created home-office workplaces and adopted new communication approaches. Meanwhile, implantcast has organized several monthly international and national scientific training events for doctors and hospital staff in the form of webinars. The further training of employees at the Buxtehude location and international partners has also been switched to the new communication methods, and is done via video conferences.


implantcast and its partners have committed themselves to sustainability and the integration of modern technologies and solutions.

Sustainability Report 2022

As implantcast GmbH, we are committed to promoting sustainable business practices and minimizing our environmental, social, and economic footprint.

We hope that this report will help promote dialog with our stakeholders as we join forces to bring about positivechanges in our world.