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Since 2018 implantcast GmbH represents and markets the CERASORB® orthopedic product line in Germany, in Switzerland (implantcast Suisse) and in Greece (implantcast Hellas). The products are distributed Austria by the partner company alphamed Medizintechnik GmbH.

Bone replacement materials are routinely used today in orthopedics and traumatology for the treatment of bone defects caused by trauma or disease.

The CERASORB® product family provides bone replacement material for this purpose, and this is completely resorbed in the context of bone regeneration. In virtue of its chemical and material properties it provides 100% assurance in defect restoration.

CERASORB® Classic is a resorbable, pure–phase β–tricalcium phosphate–ceramic matrix with open, interconnecting porosity.

CERASORB® M is a further development based on CERASORB® Classic. It has an interconnecting, open multi-porosity with micro-, meso- and macropores (5 μm – 500 μm) and an overall porosity of approximately 65%. The granules are polygonal, i.e., irregularly shaped and enhance intercalation and interlocking in the defect cavity.

The different forms in the CERASORB® product family provide the ideal basis for the treatment of a diverse array of indications.

CERASORB® Mouldable Foam

  • After combining with blood from the bony defect possesses kneadability and plastic ductility
  • Moldable to conform to the form of the defect
  • Low density (LD)

CERASORB® Flexible Foam Strip

  • Highly elastic after combining with blood from the bone defect and adapts ideally to the osseous environment
  • The elastic material connects directly with the vital bone in the defect
  • High density (HD)


  • Filling, bridging and / or repair of non–infected bone defects
  • Plastic repair of damaged areas of bone
  • Bone fusion, e.g., as in spinal fusion
  • Filling of intervertebral

Loading and controlled release of antibiotics from biomaterils for bone regenration 

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For more detailed information, please visit the website of CURASAN®.

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