The new design is coming

From now on we appear even clearer, more self-confident and globally uniform(er)

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Most Interesting Case

Case presentation - individual solution

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EPORE®: porous structure similar to bone

Latest manufacturing technologies allow for additive generation of complex structures - for improved patient care.

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Learn more about joint replacement, different types of implants and surgical procedures.

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Medical Professionals

Learn more about products, services and
download options.

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Primary, revision and tumour endoprosthesis

Your innovative partner in joint replacement

implantcast GmbH is a highly specialised and innovative medical technology company. We are based in Buxtehude near Hamburg, Germany and have more than 600 employees. The company operates in the fields of product development, manufacturing, sterile packaging as well as sales and distribution of primary, revision and tumour endoprosthesis. implantcast provides high-quality, dynamic technologies to the orthopaedic surgeon and patients to offer an ideal solution for each individual patient.

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The new design is coming!


From now on we appear even clearer, more self-confident and globally uniform(er).

The last revision of our design took place in 2001. Since then, we have grown and developed continuously. For our new design, we have retained proven elements, combined them with new ones and positioned them in such a way that we can communicate flexibly on all channels.

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Event calendar

Los Angeles

05 Sep - 09 Sep 2022


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academic Live Zoom Meeting

chairman and moderator: Prof. Dr. Daniel Kotrych

Speakers: Prof. Lee Jeys, Ass. Prof. Petra Georg, Dr. Mikel San-Julian, Prof. Dr. Burkhard Lehner


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