++ The new EcoFit® insert ++

The new EcoFit® insert tripolar treatment + screw fixation


With the extension of the EcoFit® system to include the EcoFit® insert, a tripolar treatment is now made possible for all EcoFit® cups. It is indicated for patients with an increased risk of dislocation. In particular, the combination with the EcoFit® EPORE® cup combines the advantages of the EPORE® structure, a possible screw fixation and dual mobility. The EcoFit® insert is made of CoCrMo and is optionally available with a TiN coating. It can be combined with the 2M implacross® E head (cross-linked UHMWPE with vitamin E) or with the EcoFit® 2M head (UHMWPE acc. to ISO 5834-2). A tripolar treatment is possible from a cup size of 50mm.