Information about Cerasorb

Release of antibiotics from Cerasorb®


Loading and controlled release of antibiotics from Cerasorb®

Summary: Commercially available antibiotics can be mixed with the biomimetic bone Regenerationmaterials from the CERASORB® product family. The assays show that, due to both the loading capacity
of the materials as well as the release kinetics, the concentrations of active substances over time are
always above the MIC (minimum inhibitory concentration) and below the toxic threshold in the Environment
of the biomaterials. Release tests in media similar to the human body, e.g. fetal calf serum (FCS),
suggest that the release is much slower in such media, meaning the active substance is available for a
longer period of time.

F. Peters1, K. Bahrini1, A.-M. Placht2, M. Gelinsky2© Deutscher Ärzteverlag | OUP | Orthopädische und Unfallchirurgische


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