Shoulder endoprosthetics

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Proximal and Inverse Humeral Replacement

Design Rationale

In addition to the addressing indications mentioned below the silver coating option is ideal where infection is a concern (e.g. if the patient‘s immune system has been suppressed by chemo- or radiotherapy).

Product details


  • tumours in the area of the proximal humerus
  • bone defects after fracture or revision surgery
  • the inverse option allows for treatment of rotator cuff insufficiencies alongside both of the above

implatan®; TiAl6V4 according to ISO 5832-3
implavit®; CoCrMo according to ISO 5832-4
pure titanium (cpTi ) according to ISO 5832-2
UHMW-PE according to ISO 5834-2


  • TiN-coating (cemented stems, humerus cap, humerus cap inverse)
  • implaFix® HA; HA-coating according to ISO 13779-2 (cementless stems; optional)

System components:

  • Humerus head
  • Humerus cap
  • Humerus inverse cap
  • Humerus connecting part for longer reconstructions allowing for easier subsequent conversion to total humerus (80mm)
  • Humerus extension piece
  • glenoid (fixed with a range of 4.0mm cancellous screws and a range of 4.2mm locking screws) and PE glenosphere
  • PE-glenoid
  • Humerus stem cementless and cemented

Reconstruction length:
from 60 mm

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