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CAPICA® shoulder resurfacing system

Design Rationale

The CAPICA® resurfacing system has been designed to treat young patients with or without rotator cuff insufficiencies:

  • Where a cuff insufficiency is present the deltoid is activated by increased implant thickness to optimise the distance between the acromion and the centre of rotation. This produces a similar effect to implanting inverse geometry options but with the added advantage of preserving of the glenoid
  • Where there is no cuff insufficiency standard neutral resurfacing implants are available

The articulating surface features a ceramic titanium nitride (TiN) coating to optimise the tribologic properties. The implaFix® commercially pure titanium (cpTi) coating promotes osteointegration.

The AGILON® glenoid components can be combined with CAPICA® caps.

Product details


  • non-inflammatory degenerative joint diseases including osteoarthritis and avascular necrosis
  • in case of cuff tear arthropathy CAPICA® is recommended
  • rheumatoid arthritis

implatan®; TiAl6V4 according to ISO 5832-3 with TiN-coating (articulating surface) and implaFix®; cpTi- coating (bone facing surface)

Product range:

  • 9 sizes (38-54mm) CAPICA® (rotator cuff insufficiency)
  • 9 sizes (38-54mm) CAPICA® neutral

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