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EPORE® Buttress / Shim Augment

The EPORE® buttress augments are available in four sizes (left posterior / right anterior, right posterior / left anterior, 54mm and 58mm straight) and the  EPORE® shims augments in three sizes (5°, 10° and 15°). On the bone side with EPORE® structure for better osseointegration. Both variants of EPORE® buttress augment are fixed to the corresponding hip cup with bone cement. The EPORE® shim augment has open bore holes while the EPORE® buttress augment has crunch plugs included which can be removed if necessary.

Product details

Indications of the hip replacement in combination with ic-hip cups

  • non-inflammatory degenerative joint diseases including osteoarthritis and avascular necrosis
  • post-traumatic osteoarthritis
  • fractures
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • acetabular bone defects



Product range:
EPORE® buttress augment: 4 sizes

EPORE® shim augment: 3 sizes

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