Pelvis and Hip endoprosthetics

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MUTARS® PRS is a cementless spherical with a flattened pole pelvic reconstruction shell used for large cavitary or segmental acetabular defects up to type 3a of Paprosky classification. Bone side with EPORE® structure for a better osseointeration it can be combined with the cemented EcoFit® 2M cup or the cemented PE-cup Mueller II. In addition to nine holes for spongiosa screws flat head Ø6.5mm (length: 15-80mm), it also has three holes for using a cancellous screw Ø8mm in length 70,80, 90 or 100mm.

Product details

Indications for the hip replacement with MUTARS® PRS:

  • large cavitary or segmental acetabular defects (up to type 3a of Paprosky classification)
  • non-inflammatory degenerative joint diseases including osteoarthritis and avascular necrosis
  • post-traumatic osteoarthritis
  • fractures
  • rheumatoid arthritis



Product range:
6 sizes (52-72mm)

MUTARS® PRS can be combined with EPORE® acetabulum spacers and EPORE® buttress / shim augments in a wide range of sizes and variations.

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