Pelvis and Hip endoprosthetics

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for articulation with UHMWPE


There are two types of implantcast metal heads. Both are intended for use of cemented ultra-high molecular weight (UHMWPE) cups, UHMWPE liners (when used with compatible cementless acetabular components) and UHMWPE bipolar head inserts:

The ic-head titanium options are made of titanium alloy (TiAl6V4) and are coated with titanium nitride (TiN) to make them suitable for use as a load bearing articulating surface. The ceramic coating process also makes these devices especially useful for the Treatment of patients with metal sensitivity.

ic-head CoCrMo which are made of cobalt chromium molybdenum alloy.

Product details

ic-head titanium: TiN-coating

ic-head titanium: implatan®; TiAl6V4 according to ISO 5832-3
ic-head CoCrMo: implavit®; CoCrMo according to ISO 5832-12

Note: The combination of ic-heads XXL and XXXL is restricted.

Product range:
ic-head titanium: 28mm (K-XXXL), 32mm (K-XXXL), 36mm (K-XXXL)
ic-head CoCrMo: 22mm (K-L), 28mm (K-XXXL), 32mm (K-XXXL), 36mm (K-XXXL)

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