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partial replacement of the articular surface


RECARTIC® is an implant for partial replacement of the articular surface. It was developed to replace locally limited cartilage damage of the femoral condyles and to restore a smooth and even joint surface. The remaining healthy joint structures are preserved. Due to short surgery duration and fast recovery the patient can get back very quickly to an active lifestyle. The large number of different head radii allows an optimal restoration of the anatomy of the joint. The implant is characterized by the EPORE® structure in the stem area, which supports osseointegration. The TiN coated head area ensures ideal articulation properties.

Product details

partial degenerative or post-traumatic lesions of the cartilage

EPORE®-structure in the stem area

Product range:

  • 2 diameters (Ø 15 mm, Ø 20 mm)
  • different radii of curvature of the implant head


TiN-coating at head surface

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