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unicondylar Fixed-Bearing system

PB Uni

The PB Uni knee system includes anatomic femoral components (2 versions: Right medial/Left Lateral and Left medial/Right lateral) each with 4 sizes for the cemented anchorage. The unicompartmental system enables the minimally-invasive replacement of the articulating surface of one condyle. The inlay-technique into the tibia inserted PE tibia components have three anchoring pegs and are available in 4 sizes of respectively 6,5mm, 7,5mm, 8,5mm and 9,5mm thickness. The minimum implant thickness is approx.8,5mm (thickness of the femoral component: 2mm; PE-height: 6,5mm). For the onlay-technique there are asymmetric (medial compartment) tibial base implants made of implatan®, titanium alloy (TiAl6V4) with PE-inserts in 4 sizes and heights of 8, 9, 10 and 11mm.

Product details

unicompartmental osteoarthritis with the presence of intact cruciate and collateral ligaments

implatan®; TiAl6V4 according to ISO 5832-3 (tibial components)
implavit®; CoCrMo according to ISO 5832-4 (femoral components*)
*available with TiN-coating
UHMW-PE according to ISO 5834-2 (PE-inserts and PE tibial components)

Product range:

  • 8 femoral components: 4 sizes each in 2 versions (RM/LL and LM/RL)
  • 8 tibial components: 4 sizes each in 2 versions (RM/LL and LM/RL)
  • 16 PE inserts: height 8-11mm each in 4 sizes
  • 16 PE tibial components: height 6,5 to 9,5mm each in 4 sizes

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