in harmony
with nature



Sustainability at implantcast 


..recycling of raw materials, if possible, use materials, which are enviroment friendly,

..protect resources

..spare Energy,

..refrain from obsolete packaging materials,

..Questioning where packaging and how much is needed,

..refrain from flight trips and prefere train rides,

The above mentioned demands are used to identify improvement potentials constantly. To fulfill those demands is implantcast' aim. 

Actual implementations

-Company cars have hydrid or electro engines, whereever it is reasonable

-printed material and brochure certified according to the FSC Standard. Almost all paper products carry the FSC Logo identifying the recycling certificate.

-Since 2020 the stock refill deliveries to hospitals are packed in gras cartons.

-to optimise the implant packaging implantcast will leave away the third bag and will meet the industry standard of a double peel bag sterile packaging.